What is Zero2Hero

ProfileThere are many ways of getting fit or losing weight but the hardest thing is keeping that motivation going when you are attempting to do it on your own. Zero2Hero is an introduction to running group, organised by runners for aspiring runners.

We at Zero2Hero are local friendly running club members who are dedicated to promoting running within the local community and are keen to show others just what they are capable of achieving with the right support and encouragement from those who have been through the same process.

Starting from scratch we will take you through a walk to run program and help you achieve a 5km in around 10 to 12 weeks. You’ll learn about the importance of warming up progressively, cooling down at the end of a session and stretching those muscles to help ward off injury.

Are you looking for a challenge and have what it takes to see it through to the end?

Contact us now at – info at zero2hero.org.uk – or use our contact page for more information on our free courses.