About Us

We are members of local running clubs based in Surbiton & Chessington who cater for all abilities from plodder to marathoner. We believe that anyone can run and all it takes is patience, motivation and the right support. As part of our commitment to promoting sport within the local community we decided it was high time we took aspiring runners under our wing in the hope that we can help them achieve their goals and maybe give them the confidence to join our running club and continue the hard work they have put in so far.

Our run leaders have gained LiRF – Leadership in Running Fitness qualifications and are qualified in taking runners through warm up sessions, main running sessions, warm downs and stretching. Aided by other club members we will ensure that everyone who undertakes our course will receive the full support they need to achieve their goals, the only thing stopping you is yourself.

Our aim is to  share our enjoyment of running with others as we recognise the benefits that running brings with it to both your physical and mental health.