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2020 Hero List

The following people are currently signed up for our 2020 Zero2Hero course starting on January 20th.

If you believe you have signed up after we last updated the page but cannot see your name on the list please let us know.
If you are on the list and can no longer attend, please let us know.
If your name is on the list but we’ve spelt it wrong, let us know.
If you have any questions, please let us know!

You can drop us an email at info(at)zero2hero.org.uk (obviously replace the (at) with @

Last Updated at 9:00pm on Wednesday 8th January

1 Alan Fowler
2 Andy Lea
3 Anna Basquil
4 Ashleigh McDowell
5 Beth Pearson
6 Carla Morandi
7 Caroline O’Neill
8 Catherine Barnes
9 Cherrie Keene
10 Chloe Barrett
11 Colin Tanner
12 Denise Tenn
13 Donna Newell
14 Edina Komaromi
15 Elizabeth Rose
16 Emma Kennard
17 Farina Rehman
18 Fernando
19 Gemma Cherry
20 Gemma Hambridge
21 Gemma McShane
22 Gemma Watters
23 Georgina Barr
24 Georgina Herry
25 Giles Shapley
26 Gillian Hope
27 Hemantini Ladwa
28 Huria Abdulkadir
29 Janet De Saulles
30 Jennie Donoghue
31 Jo Parkinson
32 Joanna Bell
33 Joanna Lea
34 Josh Lea
35 Julie Findlay
36 Katherine Grundy
37 Katie Scott
38 Katy Bishop
39 Kirsty Jenkins
40 Lilly Kumar
41 Lisa Hillman
42 Lisa Oconnor
43 lizette Worrall
44 Lori Peel
45 Lorna Hudson
46 Louise Carpenter
47 Mairi Miller
48 Morag Gillespie
49 Nazila
50 Nicky Sutherland
51 Nicole kitson
52 Paula Tanner
53 Rebecca Downes
54 Rebecca Guerrero
55 Ryan Mortimer
56 Sally Dobinson
57 Sally Greenwood
58 Samantha Hofkes
59 Sarah Otner
60 Sarah Owen
61 Stacey Hollingsworth
62 Tamara O’Reilly
63 Tav Juttla
64 Vanessa Mulgrew-Kendal
65 Vivian Martin

How it Works

So now you’ve read through the site and maybe even signed up I bet you’re now wondering how the hell this works and how on earth can it be free of charge!

Well lets deal with the latter first, we run this course free of charge because we are passionate about getting others running and most of all because we enjoy it. The guys who will be your run leaders will either be long standing runners from the club or graduates from our previous groups who are looking forward to putting you through your paces as we did with them. Obviously at the end we would love for you to join the club and continue the hard work you will have put in throughout the course so inevitably if you join there is a cost but rest assured at £15 per year the cost is insignificant compared to the health benefits you will gain from taking part.

So how does it work? well quite simply we will facilitate two evening for you to come along and run, Monday and Thursday evenings. You can choose to run as many or as few sessions as you want, you can run one or both sessions each week but ultimately it will be down to you to ensure you put in the required effort to be able to see the course through from start to finish. We will help you achieve your goals but only you can make it happen.

The 10 week course will most likely stretch into 12 to 13 weeks as we will at some point repeat certain weeks dependent on how everyone is doing and we will complete the course by inviting you all along to take part in a parkrun at Kingston Hawker center.

Now if you’re sitting there thinking you can’t do it, that you’re way too unfit and can’t even run for a bus, think again. In 2016 we put over 60 people through their 5K graduation at Kingston parkrun and around 80% of those are now members of 26.2 RRC running every week and thoroughly enjoying it. If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you set out to do and using our tried and tested schedule we will help you go from Zero to Hero and run your first 5K in early to mid April. The only thing stopping you from doing it is yourself so what have you got to lose except a few lbs and a few inches off your waistline.

Preparing for Zero2Hero

So you’ve signed up and have a while before we start the course so I bet you’re wondering what you can do until then. Well the course starts off fairly easy with the first week seeing you run 5 reps of 2 minutes with 4 minutes walking in between. However the walking is best kept to a fast walk where possible so you can get yourself ready for the course by taking up walking and increasing your speed and distance over time.

Numerous studies recommend that the average person should walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day, sounds like a lot doesn’t it? An average person has a stride length of approximately 2.1 to 2.5 feet. That means that it takes over 2,000 steps to walk one mile; and 10,000 steps would be around 5 miles. For a lot of people 5 miles walking in a day would be a lot more then they are used to but actually if you build up slowly, walk slightly further each day you can quickly achieve that goal and you’ll reap the benefits when you are the course.

There are many ways you can increase your daily step count:

  • Walk the dog a little further
  • Take  the stairs, not the lift
  • Park further from the station or the shops
  • Better still walk all the way to the station or the shops
  • Get up from your desk at least once every hour and move around for a few minutes

Buying a Fitbit or similar device is a really good way to motivate yourself to move around more, especially when you set yourself step or distance goals and find yourself slacking off. Also make sure you have a comfortable pair of walking shoes or trainers as walking in inappropriate footwear will just cause you injuries and demotivate you!